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Sugino Superoll Roller Burnishing Tool

Save up to 90% in time and equipment costs compared to grinding, honing, lapping and other secondary finishing operations!

Sugino Superoll Roller Burnishing Tools produce an extremely fine wear-resistant finish, up to 4 micro-inch or less in a single pass, on any bored, reamed or turned work piece resulting in a smoother, harder surface than a ground or honed surface… and with better resistance to corrosion.

Compare Superoll quality!  The “Quick-Touch” sizing-feature micro-adjustable in seconds to 0.0001″.  The even number of burnishing rollers for easy and accurate measurement.  Use a micrometer to measure tool diameter.  Expensive ring gages no longer required.  Or its simplicity of use by any unskilled operator on any shop machine.  And more.

Superoll tools are available from 0.176″ to 7.919″ I.D. and from 0.097″ to 2.477″ O.D. in either self-feed or machine-feed styles.  Superoll bearingizers and special tools for tapers, contours, fillets and flat faces can be supplied.

Take advantage of Sugino Superoll 60-day FREE trial offer for a standard tool and discover what the Japanese and others have known for 40 years.  It pays to roll with Superoll!

Sugino Superoll