Stop back regularly to our Bargain Bin to see amazing deals on stock items.

All items are new and are sold “as-is” (no warranty, no return)

Item #1: Compact Automation double-acting, double-ended rod, 3″ bore, 4.5″ stroke.

List price = $268.00
Bargain Bin Price = $50.00 each (we have TWO of them )

Item #2: Turn-Act NFPA cylinder, 2.5″ bore, 24″ stroke, magnetic piston, double-cushions

List price = $306.65
Bargain Bin Price = $100.00

Item #3: Compact Air cylinder, 1-1/8″ bore, 7″ stroke, pneumatic/hydraulic seals

List price = $155.25
Bargain Bin Price = $50.00 each (we have SIX of them)

Item #4: Turn-Act rotary actuator, 180 degree rotation, 175 in.lbs of torque

List price = $390.00
Bargain Bin Price = $75.00 each (we have FOUR of them)

 Item #5:

Motion Controls air cylinder, 1.25″ bore, 1″ stroke

List price = $88.90 each

Bargain Bin Price = B.O.G.O. (we have FOUR of them.)

Item #6:

Buy any item above and mention “I found it in your Bargain Bin” and take an extra $50 off the order. That’s right. Just mention this and you could have Item #1 or 3 for FREE (plus shipping), just for noticing this.

Item #7:

Mention “Bargain Bin Item #7” on any order, we’ll give you a one-time $25 discount (minimum order of $100), just for mentioning this.

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