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2057 East Aurora Rd, Unit C
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
Phone: (330) 425-1210
FAX: (330) 425-1320

Jun Air Clean and Quiet Air Compressors

JUN-AIR introduced the first compressor almost 50 years ago and started the development of the technology and design, which has made it possible to use compressed air for an increasing number of applications. In dental clinics, laboratories, for food and beverages, graphics, door opening devices, medical and health equipment – just to mention a few.

JUN-AIR invests in the latest technology. The compressors have a compact and elegant design, reflecting quality and they are, therefore, highly suitable for installation at the place of use.

Performance and design will always play a key role in the further development of JUN-AIR compressors. At the same time, concern for the environment, low energy consumption, minimum maintenance and user-friendly operation are given high priority.

JUN-AIR supplies clean and quiet air – a complete compressed air solution.